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Precautions We are Taking For COVID-19

Teletherapy is available for you and your family!

We understand that coming into the office may not be suitable for all families.  That is why we are currently offering teletherapy for speech.  Insurance companies are currently covering these services.  Call us to inquire more!

COVID-19 Guidelines

Only one parent may join their child in therapy.  Please refrain from bringing siblings into the facility when possible.

Please inquire with staff regarding current mask wearing policy. 

Toys are sanitized after child interaction.



Frequent hand sanitization is encouraged and available throughout the office.

You will be screened with questions regarding COVID-19 exposure upon arriving for each visit. 


2 waiting rooms are available for distanced seating.

Plexiglass barriers are at table tops for increased health safety.

Rooms will be sanitized in between clients.

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